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Q. How is the fund allocated across all the users?

A. We’ve built an algorithm that analyses your decisions and based on performance, we allocate power to each individual user. We look at several elements including:

  • Your ability to pick stocks in certain sectors and industries;
  • Your ability to pick stocks with exposure to certain products, e.g. lithium;
  • Your ability to pick stocks at a certain time of year and under certain economic conditions;
  • Your age, location and education

The algorithm uses all of this data to dynamically allocate power within the fund. We’ll include more factors and tweak the algorithm over time to make sure we’re distributing power efficiently and ensuring the best possible returns.

Q. How does the platform update & rebalance itself?

A. Each nanosecond, QuantCrowd looks at user votes and analyses the current distribution of voting power across the entire fund. At the end of each market day, QuantCrowd rebalanced the fund with new instructions. We’re going to reduce the latency in rebalancing over time as well.

This means QuantCrowd actively manages the fund on a nanosecond-by-nanosecond basis. Most fund managers at big banks do this every 3 months which means QuantCrowd responds far faster than traditional managed funds.

Q. Who's Behind QuantCrowd?

A. We’re a team of two. We’re not going to lie and pretend we’re a big institution but we are a team that’s had exposure to retail equity markets and understand real problems affecting everyday investors.

We believe so much in what we’re doing that we’ve committed our own money to the fund. As you vote now, you’re actually managing our own savings.

Read our story and background here!

Q. Can we invest with our own money into the fund yet?

A. Not just yet. We’re still working through licensing and regulatory requirements. We will give first access to our best-performing users first. We are open to external investment from sophisticated investors – just drop us an email.

Q. How do you guarantee returns?

A. We don’t. We’re not a managed fund promising returns. What we are is a data-driven hedge fund that over time, will get increasingly intelligent. We can guarantee that if our investors are engaged and continually vote in the fund that better-than-market returns will follow.

Q. How do you defend against market downturn?

A. Our algorithm actually, to an extent, can predict preliminary ‘black swan’ events and market turmoil. Every action in the algorithm is risk-weighted and if markets are falling, users who approach turmoil better will be given more power.

Q. Are you taking institutional / seed investment?

A. We’re currently fully backed by our own money but welcome all conversation about third-party investment. Drop us a line!

Q. Is the platform safe?

A. Yes, super safe. We have 256 encryption, bank level security and we never expose your data to anyone other than the algorithm.

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