Our Story.

We’re a couple of Australian engineers and quants that give a shit about the everyday investor.

We started QuantCrowd to give retail investors the ability to invest in a rapidly growing quant-fund that would normally be reserved for the ageing millionaires of the 21st century.

Our Values.

Performance & Clarity.

We want our investors to grow their wealth, not get eaten by fees. We want our investors to be in control.


Our investors get to communicate and decide on the funds direction. We won’t make you invest in companies that you don’t believe in.

Data and Engineering.

Our fund takes millions of data points from the community and makes the best possible investment decisions.

Education. Learning by Doing.

QuantCrowd allows our investors to learn by doing in the financial markets with limited downside.

Join QuantCrowd Now.

We’re currently in a closed alpha with private investors. We’ll be opening up the fund to external investors in the coming months, starting with those performing the best so join now and start voting.

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Get in touch at hey@quantcrowd.io