Wanna run a

hedge fund?

QuantCrowd is the world’s first hedge-fund run by crowd and artificial intelligence.

Download the beta today and start voting. The top performing users will be invited to invest in the fund in 2019.


Vote on what the fund invests in using votes.


Share thoughts, advice and ideas on how to better the fund.


Invest your own money to receive a share in the profits.

Gain power

Over time, the better you perform, the more power you’ll get over the fund.

Backed by crowd-intelligence and quantitive machine-learning.

Every investor is ranked and given a portion of control over the fund. The algorithm analyses your performance and gives you more or less power depending on your track record.

Assets Under Management

Note: $100k seeded by founders May 2018

Return on Investment (Since Inception May 2018)

And the algorithm
is learning.

Over time, the algorithms machine learning draws correlations between investor performance and sectors, exposure to particular commodities, geography, age, understanding of markets and more.

In the space of a standard market day, QuantCrowd can work out your ability to pick stocks in the consumer technology sector with an exposure to lithium.

Share, learn, strategise.

QuantCrowd is a crowd. We want investors to discuss, compare and analyse the market together so we’ve included a live feed where you can post about anything.

Seen something interesting about Apple? Mention it. Notice a trend with Google? Say something.

The more collaboration, the more successful the fund.

Join QuantCrowd Now.

We’re currently in a closed alpha with private investors. We’ll be opening up the fund to external investors in the coming months, starting with those performing the best so join now and start voting.

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